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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


i step on a stage with fans who wave their hands and rage
as a product of my ignorance united with the fans who scream like leonidus
when they hear my name its a shame that i want fame who really is the one too blame
in a world where shaking hands with a corporate official is like playing patty cake with a dead mans hands..its unmoral so i work hard make em scratch their heads like they got a head band kuz dey got me upside down like a handstand so i pray every day like a mantis and try hard not to land on the canvas and be out for the count like muhummad ali when he lost that bout
so i hop in my space shuttle wit my alias on the side tell em lets ride  
kuz it’s too much envy too much pain too much jealousy too many haters too many fakers
in this world for me so let the countdown begin as my generation sins from smokin a little bleep
and drinkin a little gin my nostalgic moment never begun but i’m hopin never ends kuz this world reimburse pain and curses you when you win so let my nostalgic moment be me on stage wit a mic in my hand and a bunch of people screaming a bunch of flashing lights that i dreamed about and a bunch of people screamin out my name kuz they like what i sing about while im breathin out wit a diamond jesus piece just to show you what he about

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

how does the world see beauty?

the world thinks that to be beautifal is to be dumb and shallow but be pretty on the outside and the most evil keniving person ever in the history of mankind that is why when i get married the women i marry will be baeutifal without having to apply make up for 30 minutes tom an hour or do her hair for 4 hours

Monday, December 12, 2011

camoflauge and love

wether your skin color is black or white you just wanna stay out of site we camofluage so much we don't know who we are in life strugglin to fit in the crowd to another person's morales we bow and plow the road of life where there is another street that says your own path acces is not allowed kuz right now your head is mor confused then a man who accidently let his gun bo blow marrying people you don't want to putting your life and thoughts on hold for someone else putting your dreams on a shelf not knowing that shelf will discard from its case crashing your dreams on the floor busting open the glass of reality and have your life and dreams get ate by a carnivore that you wish was a herbivore so you try to open up 30 doors trying to acces your future but behind every door is a brick wall so you feel like a duffus why do our population camofluage ourselves to sin and drink gin with friends join the poplarity contest to win for no reason but to be kin to people who don't care about your life or well being think your ugly with and without added features and won't even by your a pair of addidas and won't even get you a band-aid if your hand starts leaking your feels bleak so you just look at the stars wondering who you are with these scars from a life you didn't want but its too late kuz you acted like a dunce instead of being center organic kuz in a life where of chess you want to check mate the king be the king and not have to debate the king i guess we what happens when you deal in worldly things. 
You look at your partner like there god but your secretly an infidel who camofluages your infidelity let your spouse think that your heart is a secret treasury dey say love is ignorance and ignorance is bliss but your is not ignorant so tell me what is this seein through my eyes this is decption at it's finest you swiped the credit card of love and the bank just declined it you in a race with love you left your heart behinds you but you keep on running and hope you don't tumbel like bolders its true beauty is in the eye of the beholder now your scolded with the stain's in the sheets from the sheets of life from the past people don't break your heart you do by reminscing on the past on your path on your way to success so you can say at last but along that road your not gonna have a cast but a little heartbreak that will go by faster than a winter draft don't intoxicate your self don't drink that miller draft they say a picture is worth a thousand words yea i know you heard that and i hope you the picture of life even though sometimes you got to add the math it's sad and nice and bad that's life the ups and down's the twist the turns that make your stomach churn like a dead man  swallowing his own urn don't burn. kuz who's scared of hell or jail when you already got the cold winter nights and fiery pits of hell right here on earth this turf this ground this soil inside the fiery pits of earth some of us boil and implode and explode like a baloon that rendezvous with a pencil i know you know it's cold but somehow we still float in top of the spikes of life that we make ourselves and sometimes we fall and let the spikes be our deathbed so erase my existence this instance kuz love is something we all want this instance but never seems to come into existence
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

inside your eyes

looking in your eyes i see all the pain that you've been through take another look and i see the changes you've been through i know being loved is probably not what you used to but your existence brings a tingling feelin that i wanna get seduced to because the type of person you are is something im not used to. It's funny how looks can be so decieving and how you rupture my thoughts with just a little breathing and how i fadaway into an abyss because im love drunk and i wanna a kiss like a punk rock kid with his tongue out i want your love drug because im so confident even though you lie to me i look into your eyes when i fall asleep because there big and full of wonders like a continent. Before loving you i shoulda thought of the greater consequence to be honest when we first met i ain't think i would have the confidence kuz i know love is strange to you like electricity to an amish man and now your love means no more to me than a trash in a garbage can but you know what they say one mans trash is another mans treasure but i guess your lies were just another guilty pleasure

Friday, October 21, 2011

flashing lights

we all want flashing light yeah a mirror with some flashing lights to take pictures pictures when the flash is bright yeah we all imagine right yeah we all want trophies but this fame doesn't come wit flashing lights it come wit police yeah blue flash in the night the world is sick like a black mamba venom right so i stride to be at the top like the nosebleeds and understand the only way you winning is if you shinin my trophies